A thorough and comprehensive eye examination with a comfortable and relaxing experience.


The eye examination at Mallon+Taub is a relaxing and comfortable experience, and it usually lasts 45 minutes. We use the most sophisticated, state of the art optical equipment that helps us provide a thorough and comprehensive eye examination.

During the eye examination our optometrist will assess your vision and overall health of your eyes. We will screen for conditions such as cataract, blepharitis and dry eyes, diabetes, glaucoma and macular degeneration. We will test your intraocular pressures and use a Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer for the visual field analysis.


We will take a retinal image using our Optomap Retinal Imaging System. The system can produce an instant, ultra-wide field digital image of the back of the eye (image below). In addition to this, we use Topcon retinal camera, which takes a central image of the retina. These extremely detailed images of the retina help us us to closely and comprehensively examine the health of your eyes.


At the end of the examination we will explain the results of the tests carried out and determine whether you need prescription spectacles or not. Should you require them, we will recommend the correct type of spectacles for you, whether you are shortsighted, long-sighted, astigmatic or presbyopic.

We will also advise on the best ophthalmic lenses for you, recommend a spectacles frame that is appropriate for your visual and, of course, aesthetic requirements. Naturally, we will ensure that during your eye examination you are treated with the highest degree of care and attention.


Private Eye Exam £75.00

Contact Lens Fit/Check £75.00

As well as private eye examinations we also cover NHS eye check-ups, please call for more information to check if you are eligible.